Wonderful, Wonderful Wasps!
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1.  Fewer and fewer people live in rural settings, and cities and suburban settings are becoming increasingly separated from nature as wild areas within them are developed, and people live more and more in air-conditioned quarters. As people become less and less familiar with nature, nature becomes more threatening. Think about what this means, when people see a wasp.

2. We normally think of parasites in nature as being very bad. How is it that we consider wasp species that are parasites, as being good?

3. If you live in an area where the summer is hot and dry, place a pan with some clay under a slowly dripping outdoor faucet. Chances are good that you will attract some mud dauber wasps. You may also attract butterflies and other creatures who are thirsty. Observe and write about the creatures that come, and their behavior. Make sure you don't make a puddle that will make a breeding spot for mosquitoes.

4.  Look for weathered old boards on barns and sheds that show that they have been chewed. Watch them to see if paper wasps are gathering the wood fibers for their nests. If you see them, try to identify them, and write about their activity.

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