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They Sting!

Would you like to hear
"The Rest of the Story?
If all the good bugs were taken from the earth,
mankind could only live for a few weeks.      Why?


  1. Part 1  Flower parts and pollen
  2. Part 2  Bees as pollinators  (under construction)
  3. Part 3  Corn and other wind-pollinated plants  (under construction)
  4. Part 4  Pollen Allergies - What to blame  (under construction)
  5. Part 5  What do beekeepers do?   (under construction)
  6. Part 6  Following the bloom - beekeepers migrating with the seasons.    (under construction)
  7. Part 7  How to make homes and help solitary bees.

ACORN   Alternative Control Outreach Research Network at Purdue  IL
Biological Control News     WI   
Biological Control Virtual Information Center   NC 
Biological Control (Journal)  
List of Suppliers of Beneficial Insects in North America

*Note on Protection from Stings

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   Nick's Insects  Lot's of photos and an insect anatamy lesson
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   Raising Butterflies - techniques for beginners and experts

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