Pollens of Entomophilous Plants

  Entomophilous plants are primarily pollinated by insects. These plants produce nectar and highly nutritious pollen to attract insects, trading these for pollination service by the insect.

  You have already seen a picture of pollen from the lily, an insect pollinated plant. Click on the thumnail photo at left, if you want to look at it again.

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   Pollens from entomophilous plants are heavy and sticky. They do not become airborne, so they cannot get into your nose and cause allergies.

"FRAMED!  The story of a plant falsely accused of causing allergies.   (Link Under Construction)

    Pollens from entomophilous plants are usually nutritious. They have protein, minerals and fats that many insects seek to either eat themselves, or feed their young.

Glossary of Pollination Terms

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